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Martin England Art
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Rough preparatory sketch

Wouldn’t life be great if they had really posed like this - instead this composition was put together using several photos.
Transfer to the canvas.

Just tend to use a battered out brush for this, with one colour thinned right out.

The aim at this stage is to get the correct size and position for the subjects.
Very rough application of colours starts to bring out some of the subjects features.

The darker background brings the subjects forward.

Next steps will be to focus on each character to paint them in properly.

The painting was a little top heavy, so the characters on the left have been moved down slightly.

They have also been shrunk a little, to get the relative sizes correct (hopefullly!).

Good progress on the lab. - face almost complete.
I decided to paint the background and I think works to bring the portraits forward, without being too dark and adding some colour.

The young lad is just roughed in.

Next step will be the terrier and some detail on the lab.
Progress a little slower than expected but the characters starting to emerge.

Still some work to do on the shaggy terrier then onto the young lad.

This was a daylight photo (compared to the artificial light above)  hence no glare top left and more realistic colours.
This picture replaces the one that was here before.

Hopefully back on track!

More work done on the boy, facial tweaks, hair & hands.
Some details still to be completed on these.

His jumper and finishing of the right-hand side still to be done.

The finished painting:

Click on image for larger view.

The colours on this photo are now much closer to reality.

“Barney, Norman & Stanley”


This is an oil painting on canvas, size 60x40cm.


Follow the various stages to the competed portrait



Triple portrait