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Martin England Art
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On the easel
“Winter light”

This painting is still unfinished.
Now reaching the latter stages.

Facing directly into the low winter sun gives great aerial perspective and sense of depth. It also illuminates to foreground, as it reflects off the exposed river bed

The previous steps can be seen below.
“Coronation St. Meets Ashes to ashes”

This commission is an amalgamation of two well known TV series, with a couple superimposed!

The infamous Coronation street is now mostly complete and detail has been added to the Audi.

Background almost complete, still work to be done on the couple.

Oil on canvas
40 x 30 cm
WinterLight 900_6.jpg
“Aaron Comer”

The finished painting.

Click here or on the image for a larger view.

Follow his progress here.

Oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm