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Martin England Art
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This is the compositional drawing and will be the basis for the final painting.

Starting with a drawing like this helps me and the customer to visualise the painting and see if it works as a concept.

Painting stage 1 is as ever to transfer the sketch onto the stretched canvas (medium weave). Blocking in the main areas.

Now the painting starts to develop.

The background always gets the first attention, without loosing sight of the overall composition.

Oil paints are great for the texture and shade changes on something like this sofa, as the colours and shades can be blended on the canvas.
Starting to build up the detail.

The jack russel is also blocked in. The different shade cushions behind help to pick out the dark head and white back.

The warm colours in the ball and jack russell face come forward out of the picture, while the blue in the middle cushion goes to the back - both add a sense of depth.

The border terrier in almost competed.

I used 3 different brown paints mixed with blue, purple, green, yellow & white to get the various shades and hues.

The painting is now completed.

Click on the image for a larger view.

This is a commissioned oil painting, on a stretched 40x30cm medium canvas.


Two sofa companions - Jack Russell & Border Terrier

“Tilly & Hamish”