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Martin England Art
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This is the compositional sketch.

You can see some of the faint lines I have added afterwards to help transfer it to canvas
Main forms and tones have been blocked in - making sure the white areas stay very white (using more gesso).
The face is usually the first part that gets detail added, as this will be the focal point of the painting.

The background colour had been chosen to make the subject stand out and also compliment the cats colours.

The ability to blend the background colours, is one of the pleasures when using oil paints.
Alfies face is largely finished now and the body now takes shape.

White (and black for that matter) are often the most difficult colours to show shape and texture, without making them look too grey.
The key is to identify colour in the shadow and highlights e.g. blues, violets and browns.
Nearing completion.

The tip of his tail needs to be painted.

The edges of the foot stool have been blurred to remove them as a focal point (sharp light against dark).

This is a commissioned oil painting, on a stretched 50x30cm canvas.


See the various stages below.