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Martin England Art
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This is the original compositional pencil sketch - some elements will be changed slightly.

A welcome return back to where my artwork all started, drawing & painting cars. This is the first commissioned car painting I’ve done for nearly 20 years and the first in oil paints!
Starting to paint on canvas the dark areas have been applied using oil paint with lots of thinners.

Getting the car outline correct at this stage is most helpful as it prevents the need for major adjustment later.

It is also important to keep the white areas really clean as white oil paint is not completely opaque and any colour may well show thru.

Starting build up the colours - just roughed in and approximate in colour & tone.

Started to add detail to the foreground road.

Background added on the left.

Location of ‘Cibie’s’ (spot lights) marked on the grill.

Differences in sky/road colours, between two photos is just different lighting for each picture.
Most of the background is now complete.

The work will now focus on the Escort. An error with the windscreen size was spotted and has now been corrected - can you spot where it was?!
The main areas of the Escort have now been blocked in.

Already the shape of the car has become evident and it now sits into the background better.

Most of this will be over-painted as the finished colours are painted on and details added.
As the detail is added, light, shade and highlights, the car begins to look more realistic.

Click on the image for a much larger version.

This picture was still taken in artificial light, leading to some reflections of the paint.
The Escort is now finished.

Click on the image for a much larger version.

The sense of motion has been created by the car’s tilt and the angle of the front wheel steering it out of the corner.

Lines on the road and the road edging lead the eye up to the Escort.

The back left-hand corner is almost lost against the background, while the front left corner is where your eye ends up, due to high contrast

This commission is of a MkII Ford Escort, over-steering around a bend, on an Essex country road - the rear wheel drive lending itself well to this kind of attitude.


The aim of this painting is to get a sense of movement and give the owner a portrait of his recently rebuild (and heavy modified) car. It will be oil paints on a 16x12” canvas.


The vehicle is predominantly white so the other aim will be to add colour (on the side in shadow) but still to look realistic.

“Escort attitude”