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Martin England Art
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Many of the paintings that are shown, on this web-site, have been commissioned by people from all walks of life - veterinary nurses, engineers, naval commanders and friends.


A commission offers you the chance to have a piece of art unique and special to you - be it a portrait, favourite landscape, car, boat or aircraft, or to recreate a moment in time or memory.


The artwork is usually in oil paint on canvas and the price will depend on how big it will be - so for example a painting of size 30x40cm would be £100 + 30x40x£0.15 =  £280, a larger example: 60x40 would work out at: £100 + 60x40x £0.15 = £460


Some previous commissions are shown below and give an idea of the variety of subject matter that can be undertaken.


For further information, or just to discuss a potential commission, please feel free to contact Martin directly, without any obligation.


'I am absolutely delighted with Martin's portrait of my late father, It is perfect. He has done a fantastic job capturing both his likeness and his spirit. It was completed in a relatively short period of time; with frequent progress checks, to ensure we were happy every step of the way. It was very reasonably priced and nothing has been too much trouble.

I am so grateful. Martin has not only provided a beautiful heirloom for our family to treasure, but also ensured that we continue to see my dad's happy face, smiling down on us everyday.

Would most definitely recommend'.



'A big 'Thank you' to Martin England, for the beautiful canvas of my son, not only, has he captured his likeness, but also his spirit - and sense of fun.


I shall cherish this portrait forever, dressed in his prom suit, shirt and tie, with hair as always, perfectly groomed, and a naughty twinkle in his eye!


Such a precious moment, frozen in time; evoking memories, which swell my heart, where he's never looked more handsome - or ever likely to appear so smart!


Aaron's now moved on, to pastures new and I see him so infrequently, so it's comforting, that I need only look up and he's there - smiling down at me.


Martin's artistry is faultless, his shading's perfect - the colours so lush; with the care and attention to detail - evident in every stroke of his brush. He can paint absolutely anything, in a time-span that's relatively short. His fees are lower than you would expect, for something that can't be 'shop bought'.


He also paints landscapes, boats and pets... a greater talent, you'll not find. He's the consummate professional, a true gentleman; patient and kind.


So if you're looking for that unique gift, an heirloom, or something to treasure, a piece of Martin England's Artwork will guarantee you, a lifetime of pleasure!’