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Martin England Art
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Very large canvas - at the very early stages.
The main outlines have been sketched in and some blue added to the sky.
At this stage the aim to just to cover the very intimidating white canvas - getting the approx shapes and colours in place,

Most if not all of this will be painted over as the work progresses
Still only blocking in the main areas, detail still to follow.

The much darker areas, in the foreground, even at these early stages, already give a good sense of depth.
This painting is obviously dominated with greens and mixing them can be quite a challenge.

There are a range of pre-mixed paints available, but you can’t usually use them straight out of the tube, without some adjustment.

Mixing from different blues and yellows, with touches of brown, red or white is more satisfactory.
The table has moved and much of the left-hand side detail has been added.

The main shadow needs some work
Almost all the garden detail has been completed now, although the shadow still not right!

Just the path to do and some added details, to give a bit more life to the painting.

Click on the image for a larger view
Painting finished.

See if you can spot some details that have been added.

Click on the picture to zoom in.

As with previous painting demos, you can follow the progress of this work - pictures will be added as it goes


This is an oil painting on canvas, size 130x90cm.


There scene has a very large depth to it i.e. From the foreground to the background covers a large distance, with lots of detail in the flowers to the distance hills -  so hopefully the painting will convey that.